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    The Fernery

    This week is so cold in Bathurst, which I kinda love autumn and winter are my favourite seasons but I am missing wandering around the park all the time. So I thought I would share some of the pictures I took a little while ago of the fernery in Machattie Park.

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    The Begonia House

    Sometimes life throws everything at you all at once and with only two hands most of it’s hitting you in the face. Thats what my last week has felt like. Smack after smack after smack in the face. I have felt stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of stuff sitting in my brain space. All I needed as some time to myself and to do something I love. Enter the Begonia House in Machattie Park Bathurst. I love it. Every year from about February to April extending a bit into May usually. The Begonia House is open. A house full of flowers waiting for me to look at, enjoy, photograph…

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    So I love my phone. A lot. I mean A Lot, A LOT. This means I understandably take a lot, probably most of my photos on my phone. I love my camera but its big and heavy and I tend to take it with specifically rather than generally. My phone on the other hand is always with me. I don’t think its been further than 1 metre away from me in at least 5 years. So lots of photos. I’m not going to share tham all coz that would be weird and a long long long post. But I am going to share some of my favourites mostly from the…