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    Week 1 & 2

    2 weeks into this challenge an already I forget to complete part of it. As in the post to the blog part of it. Both weeks 1 and 2 I have made sure to post to Instagram and both weeks I forget to post to the Blog. What can I say Life happens, better late than never, here are my week 1 and Week 2 Photographs for my challenge What can I say about week 1. Well if you’ve read the Instagram caption you know week 1 was hard for me. I take selfies but I rarely post them. Why? A. I don’t think the world needs to see my…

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    Sydney Chinese Gardens

    Continuing with my theme this week of looking back through my photos I give you the Sydney Chinese Gardens. If you’ve never been and are in Sydney near Darling Harbour I would highly recommend a visit.  I don’t live in Sydney never have but I have always lived in day trip distance. In that I can easily visit and return home in the course of a day so I visit as often as I can not as often as I like. When I was a kid and we would visit Sydney for some event or holiday we would almost always end up in and around the harbour and almost every…

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    Machattie Park

    Machattie Park in Bathurst is one of y favourite places in the world. I’ve been visiting since I was small. the ducks, the bandstand, the fountain, the fernery and the Begonia house all house some of my favourite memories. I was looking through my photos and found some that I took this year around Anzac day and I thought someone might enjoy them. X