Rainy Days

I hate summer. Australia is always way too hot in the summer and I am simply not built for it. This year instead of suffering through 40C days it’s been raining. A lot, and then some more. The upside of this is that the weather has been so much cooler. Today we will be reaching a soaring high of 22C, and it’s currently cool enough that I have a cardigan on, it’s made me very happy.

Shooting in the rain or just after is also one of my favourite ways to create and take photos. I love dark moody light with lots of shadows and those days are usually few and far between here in Oz. Every chance I get with this rainy weather I’ve been taking.

The plum trees we have been calling my name every time the rain starts, the luscious red berries and beautiful dark leaves on an overcast day always look more vibrant. Completely worth getting rained on for.

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