All About Me,

This is the about me page, because who else would I write it about, since I write the blog.

I could write it about my cat Lily but the only person who would wade through that odyssey is me and possibly my mother in a stunning display of maternal feeling.

This is quickly getting out of hand. 

Can you tell that I don’t really like to talk about myself.

In this era of social media and the personal brand I might be the only millennial who would rather talk about someone else that herself.

OHHH but that’s two pieces of information that have slipped though.

I’m female and i’m a millennial.

Ok it time to get serious, I always read the about me page on a blog and I’m assuming that lots of other people do the same and If I was reading my blog instead of writing it I would want a decent about me page. So here goes

HI I’m Emily and I like to write stuff and take photos. Thats it in a nutshell. Ok theres more to it than that but if you wanted short and sweet its all you really need to know. If you want a bigger story well read on.


I’ve been taking photos ever since I was a kid back in the era of square televisions, disposable cameras, and real books. My Mum had a great camera that she had saved for when she was a teenager and learning how to load the film and frame the shots, drop off the film to be developed and then the wait for the prints. It was something that I loved right from the start.

My first solo outing with the camera was as a 7 or 8 year old when we (Mum, Dad and Brother) drove all the way to Sydney for an exhibit about Dinosaurs for my Brother who was completely obsessed.

The photos I took are terrible, badly framed, shaky, over exposed and under exposed sometimes even in the same frame. But I had the BEST time. I remember every second of that day I had the whole roll of film and I was allowed to do what ever I wanted. I had never had such fun creating. I liked to draw and colour and all the other things that kids do to create but I had never felt so in control of the outcome or so invested in the outcome of what I was creating.

Flash forward through my teens because while I loved to take photos I never really did much with it until I got my first digital camera. Mostly because once I owned a film camera I was responsible for the cost of film and development and well an after school job only pays for so many things.

My first digital camera that I bought myself about 10 years ago had less going for it than the original iPhone and While I loved it I stuck firmly in auto mode and eventually destroyed it after about 6 months by wandering out over rocks to take pictures of the ocean views and tripping, falling and crashing into said rocks using the camera and my knee to break my fall. Getting up bleeding and walking back to safety I realised that my camera was full or water and sand and totally destroyed. Cue tears, and yes there really were tears.

About 10 mins before I destroyed the camera

I had two more cameras over about 3 years before I bought my current camera which I love. My Nikon D300s. at this point its about 8 years old and maybe 30,000 shots in. I love it. I love it sooooo much.

This is the camera that helped me to recapture that energy I had as an eight year old. The excitement every time I pick up the camera even if its just to take yet more photos of the cat.

Lily (about 6 years ago)

It’s also the camera that helped me to break free of full auto and zoom lenses. I love shooting in manual now, although my go to is aperture priority mode when i’m out and about. I also love shooting with prime lenses the crispness the bokeh and the fact that i’m limited by the lens I have on the camera. It makes you think about how you are framing the shot and what you want your end photo to be.

I am by no means an expert and i’m not a professional photographer. But I am a Lover of photography, of the art form, of the equipment of photographers, and of photos. Flipping through captured memories in photo albums or on my phone even the computer. You capture the memory but when you look at it again it captures you.

Thats really what the blog is all about every thing that has fallen in my way and captured me. Anything and everything I think is beautiful or interesting, fun or silly, amazing and mundane, this is where I can share it. 

I hope you enjoy 

Emily X

P.S. The blog name comes from one of my favourite quotes from Marcus Aurelius “Love what falls your way and is fated for you. What could suit you more than that.”