This post is about Lily. My cat.

I found Lily when I was 18. My cat before Lily, Midas had died really suddenly about 5 or 6 months before and it really shook me up. I was so upset over her death I didn’t want to be near other animals basically at all and even our other cat her Mum Rockey and our dog Jilly made me sad to be around.

Cut to my little brother who over his life time has had a multitude of different pets including mice, rats lizards, fish, crabs and birds, wanting to go to the pet store and get a new bird with his friend.

I was out. There was no way I was setting foot inside a pet store.

I went for a hot chocolate with Mum and her friend and my brother was dropped off at the pet store to be picked up later.

So later comes around and is my brother finished picking a bird no he is not. So I get taken into the pet store firmly looking at fish and dog collars avoiding the kittens like the plague.

When out of nowhere comes “Emily”

I turn around and there is a friend from primary school. Someone I hadn’t seen in 6 years. We have the hi how are you conversation as he is walking abound the store and as were talking he gets ready to clean an enclosure. The Kitten Enclosure.

So I’m trying to be polite trying to walk away and trying not the look at the kittens when he says “here hold this.”

This was the tiniest kitten I had ever seen with a teeny little birth mark on her nose. She was in my hands and cradled against me before I could even think no thanks.

The second she was in my arms she started to purr and then she climbed up my chest and put her arms around my neck and I was done. She was mine. Or far more accurately I was hers. Because she picked me and I was just okay with it.

Lily 2003

Sometimes the universe puts people in your path because they are meant to be a part of your life. Sometimes the universe makes damn sure you find the pet you were always supposed to have.

Lily has gotten me through so much, illnesses disappointments, heartbreaks she has been there for it all.

Her ears were so big when she was little.
Lily and Rockey (The best cat mum on the planet)
Easter 2019

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