Hello 2019

Hello 2019, Its nice to meet you.

My name is Emily and I have a bad habit (I have several actually but I’m only talking about one) My bad habit is New Years Resolutions.

You see when your sister 2018 rolled around I gave her the same spiel i’ve been giving your siblings since I was old enough to understand what a resolution is.

I sweet talked her. I am ashamed to say I flattered her and honesty here I outright lied to her. I made her promises I couldn’t keep and by the time easter rolled around we were not talking to each other.

My resolutions were hard. I was tired and there she was ticking off one day after another telling me how old she was getting. Warning me about her younger brother who was coming just over the horizon.

Did I listen? You know the answer I’m sure they’ve all told you 1996-2017 I never listened to them either.

2018 I lied to you, I ignored you and they only person I really let down was myself.

So 2019 heres the truth. I suck at New Years Resolutions so this year I didn’t make any. I gave myself no unattainable goals, no hectic schedules I signed up for no classes and I gave myself the ok to have an extra piece of cake. I took all the pressure off myself.

It lasted about 2 days.

I started working out again, just once or twice a week

I signed up for a new online course

I’m going back to university

And I stopped at just two pieces of cake and haven’t started up again

So 2019 Heres to you because in two weeks I feel like I have done more for myself to be happy and content than I have done in over 10 years and If you’ve started out with such a bang then I can only hope that the rest of you is this wonderful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Belated 😉 )

Emily X

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