• Food


    So I love to cook. Specifically I love to bake. My Grandma was a cake decorator, quite and amazing one if I do say so myself. My Nanna is an amazing cook and baker as well but my Grandma what she could do with some fondant and royal icing. She was amazing. I have happy memory on happy memory watching her make wedding cakes and christening cakes. Her teaching me how to make royal icing and setting me up with her stencils to learn lacework and piping basics. I always loved cooking with her. When she died baking became a way that I remember her. Even if i’m not thinking…

  • Photography


    I love Autumn, its probably my favourite season, and yes I am aware that I am telling you about Autumn in September. Which for any northern hemisphere readers is fine but for those of us in the southern hemisphere is a bit weird. I’m telling you because I want to share the photos I took during Autumn because I love them but didn’t post them because frankly I was sick for most of the season. I hope you enjoy them.