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    I love Autumn, its probably my favourite season, and yes I am aware that I am telling you about Autumn in September. Which for any northern hemisphere readers is fine but for those of us in the southern hemisphere is a bit weird. I’m telling you because I want to share the photos I took during Autumn because I love them but didn’t post them because frankly I was sick for most of the season. I hope you enjoy them.   

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    The Egyptian Exhibit

    I love History. If the title of the blog hadn’t clued you into that fact then I wasn’t being as obvious as I thought I was.  All through school my favourite subject was always history and except for a brief flirtation with the idea of becoming a fashion designer, it didn’t happen because I can only sew in a straight line. I always wanted to study history and become a historian. My love of books and reading about history eventually led me to my actual profession which I love as a Librarian. And yes the line from The Mummy is my absolute favourite. Evelyn ” Look, I … I may…

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    Sydney Chinese Gardens

    Continuing with my theme this week of looking back through my photos I give you the Sydney Chinese Gardens. If you’ve never been and are in Sydney near Darling Harbour I would highly recommend a visit.  I don’t live in Sydney never have but I have always lived in day trip distance. In that I can easily visit and return home in the course of a day so I visit as often as I can not as often as I like. When I was a kid and we would visit Sydney for some event or holiday we would almost always end up in and around the harbour and almost every…

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    Machattie Park

    Machattie Park in Bathurst is one of y favourite places in the world. I’ve been visiting since I was small. the ducks, the bandstand, the fountain, the fernery and the Begonia house all house some of my favourite memories. I was looking through my photos and found some that I took this year around Anzac day and I thought someone might enjoy them. X