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    Hello 2019

    Hello 2019, Its nice to meet you. My name is Emily and I have a bad habit (I have several actually but I’m only talking about one) My bad habit is New Years Resolutions. You see when your sister 2018 rolled around I gave her the same spiel i’ve been giving your siblings since I was old enough to understand what a resolution is. I sweet talked her. I am ashamed to say I flattered her and honesty here I outright lied to her. I made her promises I couldn’t keep and by the time easter rolled around we were not talking to each other. My resolutions were hard. I…

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    So I love my phone. A lot. I mean A Lot, A LOT. This means I understandably take a lot, probably most of my photos on my phone. I love my camera but its big and heavy and I tend to take it with specifically rather than generally. My phone on the other hand is always with me. I don’t think its been further than 1 metre away from me in at least 5 years. So lots of photos. I’m not going to share tham all coz that would be weird and a long long long post. But I am going to share some of my favourites mostly from the…

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    So I love to cook. Specifically I love to bake. My Grandma was a cake decorator, quite and amazing one if I do say so myself. My Nanna is an amazing cook and baker as well but my Grandma what she could do with some fondant and royal icing. She was amazing. I have happy memory on happy memory watching her make wedding cakes and christening cakes. Her teaching me how to make royal icing and setting me up with her stencils to learn lacework and piping basics. I always loved cooking with her. When she died baking became a way that I remember her. Even if i’m not thinking…

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    I love Autumn, its probably my favourite season, and yes I am aware that I am telling you about Autumn in September. Which for any northern hemisphere readers is fine but for those of us in the southern hemisphere is a bit weird. I’m telling you because I want to share the photos I took during Autumn because I love them but didn’t post them because frankly I was sick for most of the season. I hope you enjoy them.   

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    The Egyptian Exhibit

    I love History. If the title of the blog hadn’t clued you into that fact then I wasn’t being as obvious as I thought I was.  All through school my favourite subject was always history and except for a brief flirtation with the idea of becoming a fashion designer, it didn’t happen because I can only sew in a straight line. I always wanted to study history and become a historian. My love of books and reading about history eventually led me to my actual profession which I love as a Librarian. And yes the line from The Mummy is my absolute favourite. Evelyn ” Look, I … I may…

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    Sydney Chinese Gardens

    Continuing with my theme this week of looking back through my photos I give you the Sydney Chinese Gardens. If you’ve never been and are in Sydney near Darling Harbour I would highly recommend a visit.  I don’t live in Sydney never have but I have always lived in day trip distance. In that I can easily visit and return home in the course of a day so I visit as often as I can not as often as I like. When I was a kid and we would visit Sydney for some event or holiday we would almost always end up in and around the harbour and almost every…

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    Machattie Park

    Machattie Park in Bathurst is one of y favourite places in the world. I’ve been visiting since I was small. the ducks, the bandstand, the fountain, the fernery and the Begonia house all house some of my favourite memories. I was looking through my photos and found some that I took this year around Anzac day and I thought someone might enjoy them. X

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    New Beginnings

    Welcome to ‘What Falls My Way’. ‘What Falls My Way’ is a quote from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, its one of my favourite quotes of all time. “Love only what falls your way and is fated for you. What could suit you more than that?” It helps me to remember to look around and live life to the fullest now, not later, not when I have more money or a different job. Love your life now not tomorrow. So thats what my blog is what i’m loving now, what is happening around me even what i’m remembering that is making me happy. I hope it does that for you. X